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Become The Brand Everyone Knows and Loves

It’s time to jump off the advertising hamster wheel and generate new revenue by creating intentional connections. Here’s how...

Map Your Marketing

Identify strengths and opportunities within each stage of your marketing lifecycle.

Gain An Edge

Craft marketing that gives you an emotional edge at each stage of your lifecycle.

Create Evangelists

Once you have an emotional edge, you create raving fans who are your best salespeople.

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Coaching Those Who Care

We’ve done the work and aren't afraid to get our hands dirty. But at the end of the day, our heart is for coaching founders and marketers who care.


Because we get it. Marketing is hard. And it can get overwhelming.

You want to create growth... but you don't have a solid strategy in place.

You want to send a clear message at every touchpoint... but you don't feel like you can slow down.

You know you're leaving revenue and growth on the table... but you're not 100% sure what exactly is missing in your marketing.

This is where we LOVE to step in.

Our approach isn't for everyone, though.

❌ It's NOT for people who...

  • Just want to make a quick buck
  • Don’t care how their marketing makes people feel
  • Don’t want to put in time and effort to improve their customer journey

In the unlikely chance that's you. You can quit reading here (And perhaps rethink your profession 😅)

However, if you happen to be an intentional founder, ethical marketer, or purpose driven leader who...

  • Actually cares
  • Is repulsed by heartless, generic marketing
  • Wants to create growth AND make an impact

Then you’ve come to the right place. 

Just hit that button below to set up a chat. We'll get along great 💛

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A Few Intentional Marketers and Founders We've Helped...

Your emotional edge is just a few steps away...

Marketing isn't just about getting attention. It's about providing value through every step of your audience's journey. This is called "lifecycle marketing" — and if you want to win — you'll need a plan for all 5 stages of the journey 👇

  1. Entice — Getting eyes on your brand
  2. Engage — Connecting with a lead until they’re ready to buy
  3. Enroll — Creating a great experience at the point of conversion
  4. Empower — The process of building a relationship with your customers
  5. Evangelize— Turning your customers into a word-of-mouth army

Gaining an emotional edge at each stage puts you in a position to grow a loyal audience, generate more revenue, and do it all without expensive advertising.

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You’re Just Scraping The Surface

Has anyone told you that you have untapped potential? Probably so. And it’s true! Here’s the thing, though. So does your business. You just need someone to show you where to look. Find the revenue you’ve been looking for with one of our coaching packages.

1:1 Coaching Sessions

Feeling in over your head? Have a hunch you're leaving something on the table? We’ll help you work through anything you’re facing.

Strategic Partnership

Need holisitic help as you find your emotional edge? We’ll provide strategic support AND work directly with you and your team.

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Who We Are

Empathy Marketing Co. is a media brand and community with a simple north star: put people first and use empathy always.

Why? We believe that everyone deserves to feel seen, known, and understood.

Take a deep breath. Relax. And welcome to a new way to approach your marketing.

Tyler Speegle

Husband and dad. Obsessive coffee drinker. Copywriter and Growth Marketer. Contributor at HubSpot and HuffPost. Writing Course Instructor of 200k students.

Daniel Brenneman

Husband and dad. Woodworker. Shoe customizer. BBQ aficionado. Marketing for over a decade. Led double digit growth initiatives for Fortune 500 and built multiple online education platforms.

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