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The Ultimate Course for Getting Unstuck and Crafting Your Brand Message


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Brands win or lose with their words.

That's why crafting a strong brand message is so important.

But it's not easy doing it yourself. You have the curse of knowledge.

That's why exercising empathy (AKA taking the perspective of your audience) is so important.

This course, and the method inside, teaches exactly how to do that. 

If you want to master your messaging, and start building trust, this is where it starts.

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What's Included?


Short and actionable video lessons that wil transform your messaging.

Templates & Cheat Sheets

Full-length “Positioning Playbook,” cheat sheets, and messaging templates

White Label Messaging Pack

Customizable Google Slides & Google Docs so you share with your team, boss, or clients

Billion Dollar Messaging Swipes

Over +200 landing page, ad, and email messaging examples from billion dollar brands

Master Your Messaging Hotline

For a limited time, get 1:1 feedback on your messaging from Tyler and Daniel

In other words, this course will pay for itself FAST.

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Before the course:

❌ Getting overlooked and forgotten

❌ Website confusing people

❌ Copy that feels generic & stale

After this course:

🎯 Sharing your unique value

🎯 Identifying pain points and leveraging them ethically

🎯 Your personality felt in your messaging

The course will transform your messaging.

Go from:

Confusing 👉 to 👉 Clear

Boring 👉 to 👉 Engaging

Generic 👉 to 👉 Personal

It's not just another writing or marketing couse. It's a repeatable framework and battle tested approach for sharing your brand message.

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Here’s a sneak peek of what’s inside:

  • How To Craft Your Origin Story
  • How to Define Your Mission, Vision, and Values
  • How to Write Clearly About Your Product or Service
  • How to Agitate the Pain Around the Problem You’re Solving
  • How to Craft Messaging Around Your Target Persona
  • How to Craft Messaging Around Your Promise
  • How to Study the Playground & Stand Out From Your Competition
  • How to Be Unique and Leverage Your Peculiarity
  • How to Identify Your Brand Personality
  • How to Package What You Offer
  • How to Gather & Use Social Proof
  • How to Handle Objections & Protest
  • How to Define Your Voice & Tone
  • How to Write Your Website Copy
  • How to Write Your Email Sequence
  • How to Write Your Social Media Banners

This course covers EVERY single form of messaging you actually need… all while staying true to the heart of your brand.

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Learn the same approach we use with 5-figure consulting clients.

We created the Master Your Messaging course so that within minutes you can build your brand message.

After taking this course you’ll have all aspects of your messaging crafted, organized, and ready to be communicated — all in one place — and all focused on connecting with YOUR target audience showcasing the uniqueness of YOUR brand.

This means…

✅ Your marketing message will gain traction faster

✅ Your message will speak to the thoughts and feelings of your audience

✅ You’ll communicate consistently across every channel and medium

✅ The heart of the brand, product, or service will be incorporated in your messaging

✅ You’ll start communicating to the right person, at the right time, and in the right place
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Meet The Founders

Our motto is “People first. Empathy always.” When you take one of our courses, you’re not just another student to us, you’re part of the Empathy Marketing family.

Daniel Brenneman

Marketing professional for over a decade.
Led double digit growth initiatives for Fortune 500.
Built multiple online education platforms.

Tyler Speegle

Led multi-million dollar ad initiatives.
Contributor at HubSpot and HuffPost.
Writing Course Instructor of 200k students.

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A Few Empathy Marketing Shoutouts 

Without clear messaging you’ll have…

😔 Less conversions

😔 Poor engagement

😔 Confusing communication

With clear messaging, you’ll have…

🥳 More conversions

🥳 High engagement

🥳 Focused communication

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Here's everything you get:

✅ Master Your Messaging Training Videos [$997 Value]

Short and actionable video lessons teaching you how to use the Empathy Marketing Method.

✅ Positioning Playbook Workbook [$97 Value]

Full-length printable “Positioning Playbook” you can customize to any brand, product, or service.

✅ All Frameworks & Cheat Sheets [$97 Value]

To make the course as actionable as possible we’ve loaded it down with checklists and cheat sheets.


✅ White Label Messaging Pack + Deck [$197 Value]

Want to share your new messaging with your team? Show your boss what all you learned? We’ve got templates for you.

✅ Billion Dollar Messaging Swipes [$197 Value]

Over 200 examples of the best messaging we could find from billion dollar brands. Each example highlights one of the pillars of positioning.

✅ Master Your Messaging Hotline [$197 Value]

We might be crazy for doing this, but you’ll get direct access to us via a top-secret email account for feedback on your messaging. 


✅ The Empathy Marketing 101 Course [$497 Value]

Map your entire customer journey and understand every feeling you create with your marketing.

What Makes This Course Different?

So Let’s Break It All Down.


✅ Master Your Messaging Training Videos [$997 Value]

✅ Course Workbook [$97 Value]

✅ Positioning Playbook [$97 Value]

✅ All Frameworks & Cheat Sheets [$97 Value]

✅ White Label Messaging Pack + Deck [$197 Value]

✅ Billion Dollar Messaging Swipes [$197 Value]

✅ Master Your Messaging Hotline [$197]

✅ Empathy Marketing 101 Course [$497 Value]

$2,000+ Total Value

Only $497

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Ready to Master Your Messaging?

This course will walk through every step to position your brand, product, or service for rapid growth AND give you the words needed for your website, emails, and social media.

You can get it all right now for a fraction of what you’d expect…

Not $1,997

Only $497

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Backed by a 60-Day Money Back Guarantee

When invest in our course today, you're getting a 60-day money-back guarantee. This means you can take your time to fully explore and implement the strategies and techniques in the course, without any pressure.

If for any reason you're not completely satisfied with the value you've received, you can contact us anytime within the next 60 days and we'll issue you a prompt refund. You won't have to jump through any hoops or answer any questions.

You’ll get your money back and you'll get to keep everything that came with the course as our way of saying thank you for giving us a chance to help you achieve your goals.

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