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Planet Fitness Case Study: Brand Strategy Breakdown

Aug 26, 2023
Planet Fitness Case Study

Purple. Gold. $10/Month.

My guess is you already know what brand I’m referring to.

This week we’re breaking down how Planet Fitness has built a trust engine that’s turned them into the largest gym brand on the planet (sorry I couldn’t resist the pun) 😅

Today, they have over 1600 locations and 10M members around the world.

Let’s get into it…

💼 The Brand: Planet Fitness

In 1992 the first Planet Fitness gym opened in Dover, New Hampshire. Two brothers, Marc and Michael Grondahl, were determined to differentiate their brand by figuring out why people avoided going to the gym. They believed it was because of the judgmental atmosphere most gym’s exhibit and set out to build a “judgement free zone.”

💛 The Heart

Ever since, Planet Fitness has crafted an identity that's pure and simple – it's not about high-end fitness frills, it's about motivating ordinary people to get active. No judgment, no jargon – a fitness experience where everyone is welcome. Even if you have no idea what you’re doing 😅

👤 The Head (Strategy & Positioning)

If LA Fitness is a black Ferrari, Planet Fitness is a purple Toyota Corolla. PF might not be the sexiest gym brand out there — but it is reliable, welcoming, and dependable.

For over 30 years, their monthly membership has remained at just $10.

Planet Fitness isn’t looking to attract gym rats. They’re looking to serve the average Joes and Janes of the world who simply want to stay in shape.

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✋ The Hands (Tactics)

Now, let’s get practical… here’s how Planet Fitness has built trust with their target audience:

  • Lunk Alarm. To keep gym bros at bay, Planet Fitness installs a “Lunk Alarm” that’s intended to go off anytime someone is dropping weights, getting too loud, grunting, etc.

  • A Membership Anyone Can Afford. Pricing isn’t just a matter of economics. It’s a signal. For Planet Fitness, keeping their gym membership price at $10/mo for over 30 years is a clear signal that they’re the gym designed for the everyday man or woman — regardless of budget.

  • No Gymtimidation. To avoid scaring off their target audience, PF enforces a strict dress code that includes no “string tanktops.”

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