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Mr. Beast Case Study: Brand Strategy Breakdown

Jul 29, 2023
Mr. Beast Case Study

Today, it’s not uncommon to scroll social media and see people flying in private jets, spending time on exotic islands, and driving flashy cars.

What IS uncommon is seeing private jets, exotic islands, and flashy cars being GIVEN away to people.

There’s only one person, Jimmy Donaldson (AKA Mr. Beast), who does that. And that’s why he’s this week’s brand breakdown.

Let’s get into it…

💛 The Heart (Purpose & Personality)

Mr. Beast got his start on YouTube over a decade ago at age 13 posting gaming videos. But it took years for things to take off. 5 years to be exact…

In 2017, Mr. Beast got his first take of virality with a 24 hour video of him counting to 100,000.

Mr. Beast has pulled off some outlandish stunts, given away millions of dollars (over $7M in 2022 alone), and even recreated Squid Games for YouTube. But regardless of the video he uploads — he never fails to infuse his “FUN” brand personality type.

Beyond his personality type, it’s clear that Mr. Beast values generosity, creativity, entertainment, and transparency.

Despite being worth billions of dollars, Mr. Beast chooses to reinvest 100% of his earnings into making new videos.

👤 The Head (Strategy & Positioning)

With the majority of modern YouTubers clamoring for fame and shooting daily vlogs — Mr. Beast stands out…

  • His content is outlandish, but still manages to be purposeful
  • He even started a Beast Philanthropy channel to take things to the next level,
  • He’s extremely generous in his videos, often giving away more money than he’s making from his sponsorships
  • His brand has gone well beyond YouTube, opening up Mr. Beast Burgers and Feastables chocolate bars

In other words, Mr. Beast is the Willy Wonka of YouTube.

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✋ The Hands (Tactics You Can Steal)

Want to build your brand like Mr. Beast? Here’s a few lessons to keep in mind as you take action…

  • Obsess Over Your Space - Mr. Beast has went on record about his obsession with YouTube. It’s even the reason he quit college. If you want to succeed in a space, it pays to take it more seriously than anyone else around.
  • Be Generous - It’s likely not a coinidence that Mr. Beast’s popularity and YouTube channel has grown in proportion to his generosity.

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