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Alex Hormozi Case Study: Brand Strategy Breakdown

Jul 15, 2023
Alex Hormozi Case Study

It was 2020. I was scrolling through Twitter… way more than I should’ve been. And I came across a book called $100M Offers.

Someone was tweeting that it was one of the best business/marketing books they’d ever read.

My “scam” detector started going off, but then I saw the Amazon reviews. It had been out a few days and had hundreds of reviews. ALL 5 stars. Hmmm… it had to either be a really sophisticated scam or an incredible book.

I bought it on the Kindle for $0.99 and my mind was blown within minutes.

Alex Hormozi — the man behind the book is now one of the most famous business personalities on the internet. Let’s break down why his brand stands out…

💛 The Heart (Purpose & Personality)

Alex Hormozi isn’t your stereotypical business guru. He sports jorts, a hat, flannels on top of a beater tank top, and sandals… exclusively.

He says it’s for adaptability reasons. Maybe so, but we think it’s also a brilliant infusion of his “Rebellious” brand personality.

Alex and his wife, Leila, built and exited a fitness education company called Gym Launch Secrets for over $50M and recently started

They’re now on a journey to $1B by buying and selling up and coming businesses.

👤 The Head (Strategy & Positioning)

Alex knows he’s up against jet setting online business educators like Grant Cardone who embody a “Luxurious” brand personality type… so what does Alex do?

He shows up in jorts next to cash flashing Grant in his $30k jacket.

Instantly, he’s in a category of 1…

The business teacher who looks, sounds, and teaches differently than everyone else. And how does he get away with looking like he does and still gain massive respect?

He has an overwhelming amount of social proof (one of the most important P’s of positioning).

Oh, and he doesn’t sell ANYTHING. He prices his book as cheap as Amazon allows, gives courses away for free, and doesn’t sell anything you’d expect him to.

He simply wants to fulfill his mission of becoming a $1B holding company and believes in word of mouth so strongly it’s his Plan A for growth and there is no Plan B.

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✋ The Hands (Tactics)

Want to build your brand like Alex, check out these brilliant moves he’s made so far:

Ask for Social Proof Everywhere - In his book, in his podcast, and on YouTube — he consistently asks his audience to leave reviews and comment. That’s why he now has a boatload of Amazon reviews.

Keep It Simple - Alex teaches in a way that laughs in the face of the stereotypical boring business class of yesteryear. Who needs fancy charts and graphs when you get breakdowns like this? 

Be Consistently Consistent - Alex is an animal when it comes to consistency. He never misses an upload, tweet, post, or podcast. You want fresh content? You’re never going to run out once you go down the Hormozi rabbit hole. 1.4M subs on YouTube is impressive but 1.2k videos in a little over a year is maybe even more impressive. 

Steal The Strategy

Alex Hormozi is sharp, but his strategy is simple. You can steal his strategy regardless of what field you find yourself in. Here’s how… first, Hormozi realized nearly all business gurus were flashing cash, riding jets, and flaunting their success. They embodied the luxurious brand personality type.

So he zigged when everyone else zagged.

Now, here’s the kicker. It only works because being a rebellious brand was authentic to him. If you’re building a personal brand, that’s key.

If you’re building something like a razor company or a water brand, you can use tactics that represent the brand just as easily.

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